There are many different types of bomb bunkers that have been built in the history of the world and all the wars that have taken place. However building nuclear fall out shelter is more sophisticated compared to fox holes built during the world war. There are several features that you need to consider when buying blast hatches and other bunker equipment.

Importance of the Hatch

The hatch is an important addition to the bunker. Without it, debris can easily compromise its structure and even block the entrance preventing you from getting in. The hatch can either be flat or raised to create an even more secure entry into the underground structure. The material should be thick steel, to avoid it getting dented which could also affect the door’s locking mechanism and make it harder to enter or go through the hatch.

Hydraulic Lifts for the Hatch

A hydraulic lift is very useful for the hatch. When debris falls onto it, you may have a hard time opening the entrance. Nuclear Bomb Shelter at Home A hydraulic lift that can lift a tone or two of such debris is very useful in this case. The other important feature is to ensure that the hatch can be opened from inside and outside using this hydraulic mechanism.

Sometimes a separate hydraulic lift is used in situations where the hatch has accumulated a lot of debris that it becomes hard to open the blast hatches with it. The problem with using a separate hydraulic lift is that you may not be able to open it from outside.

Sealing and Filtration

It is not enough to build bunker without a way to protect it from air and water contamination. The home bomb shelter doors should have a sealing to prevent chemicals from getting into the bunker. This seal is usually a rubber gasket that is placed all round the door to seal the areas where such chemicals and contaminated air could get through and find their way into the bunker.

Because the door is sealed, there must be a filtration system that cleans the air getting into the bunker to ensure no contamination. The fall out air can pose a major threat even with subsiding amounts of radiation, if it is inhaled or ingested through water and food. The filtration system should work fast enough to provide clean air for all the occupants of the bunker and ensure oxygen does not run out. You’ll therefore need to determine how many people the bunker should occupy. It should at least have a carbon filter and a HEPA filtration system.

The building of the bunker is a balance between safety and convenience. It may be convenient to go for more bomb shelter doors for sale to provide more escape routes, but this could compromise the bunker.

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